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People Hate Brainstorms (and for Good Reason)

Have you ever had a bad brainstorming session? Why did it not work out? Lack of upfront prep? No alignment or a facilitator to reel in the group or was there no clearly-defined challenge to tackle? Whatever it was, all of us have felt like Todd in this video before:

Working with dozens of brands from dozens of different industries, The Garden has seen it all and it’s why as an agency, we wanted to approach ideation differently than our peers. We’ve been running our Dig, Cultivate and Thrive workshops to create impactful campaigns and activations for our clients for years now, but now we’ve finally put together a full 2 to 3-day training program called ThinkShop that trains individuals and teams the power of creative problem solving, effective ideation and how to turn ideas into action. The curriculum provides a toolkit that includes over 20 recyclable and reusable tools to enhance your team and strategy.

An example of how to keep your brainstorm sessions fresh?

Shift your perspective. Take a look at one of the exercises we employ to reinvigorate discussion and get fresh ideas.

There’s nothing worse than having a dozen employees in a room for a big chunk of the day and walking away with nothing to show for it except confusion over what the next steps are and who is doing what.

We don’t want brainstorms to be like the (fictional) IKEA inventors and we don’t ever want you to feel like the “Todd” in that scenario again. To find out how The Garden can help your team transform their current mindset to be more impactful, check out the ThinkShop creativity training team offsite.


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