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Why ThinkShop?

The Garden has had many clients ask us to help them come up with fresh ideas and make sure they actually get executed. This inspired us to create ThinkShop -- a comprehensive 2 to 3-day professional development program to inspire new ways of thinking and upskill your team’s ability to tackle tough day-to-day challenges.


ThinkShop aims to solve the wicked problems that your organization (and the world at large) are facing.

Benefits of Our Creative Problem Solving Workshop

Creativity Training

In an awe-inspiring environment
taught by The Garden's Founder,
Shari Walczak. With over 25 years of experience in marketing, she also has an MS in Creativity and Change Leadership.


Thinkshop Curriculum

Day 1 

Key Concepts:

The Creative Problem Solving Process

An introduction to the meaning and importance of creativity, as well as the key concepts of problem solving that will be applied throughout the training curriculum.

DIG Phase:
Exploring and Reframing the Problem

The first phase of creativity, which focuses on understanding the true problem to solve, as well as reframing it as a positive, solution-oriented Challenge Question.

Day 2 


Generating and Selecting Ideas

The second phase of creativity, which focuses on how to generate a mass quantity of innovative ideas, and select the most fruitful concepts for development. 

Want to know more?

Day 3


Turning Ideas into Action

The third phase of creativity, which focuses on how to transform intangible ideas into full-fledged solutions with an action plan to drive them forward. 


Selling Ideas Internally

Proving ideas, getting buy-in company wide and strategies for empowering others to bring their ideas to life.

Your choice between:
Fundamentals of Facilitation 
Leading a team through a focused collaborative workshop leveraging the skills of creative problem solving.

What Clients Say

 “ThinkShop showed us how to pull out different ideas and gain new perspectives.”

Lindsay Gray

Director Brand & Product Marketing 



94% of people who’ve taken part in ThinkShop would recommend it to others

Imagine how good you'd be at creative problem solving if you did it every day for a dozen different industries for 10 years.


At The Garden, it's what we do. Give your teams the tools to solve real-world challenges now — and have fun doing it!​

Want to learn more about ThinkShop and how to save up to 50% on our program?

To see if ThinkShop is a fit for you and your team, contact us at or book an exploration call with us here.

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