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Why ThinkShop?

The Garden is known for a unique approach to reframing challenges, developing breakthrough ideas, and executing flawlessly. Over the years, many clients have asked us to teach them our secrets to creative problem solving. This inspired us to create ThinkShop -- a comprehensive professional development program to inspire new ways of thinking and upskill your team’s ability to tackle tough day-to-day challenges.
ThinkShop provides the tools and training to solve the wicked problems that your organization is facing.

Benefits of Our Creative Problem Solving Workshop

An Awe-Inspiring Space

Forget bland conference spaces and boring meeting rooms, ThinkShop is delivered in an immersive environment that feels just as creative and inspiring as the content itself.


ThinkShop Curriculum

Day 1 

Key Concepts:

The Creative Problem Solving Process

An introduction to the meaning and importance of creativity, as well as the key concepts of problem solving that will be applied throughout the training curriculum.

DIG Phase:
Exploring and Reframing the Problem

The first phase of creativity, which focuses on understanding the true problem to solve, as well as reframing it as a positive, solution-oriented Challenge Question.

Day 2 


Generating and Selecting Ideas

The second phase of creativity, which focuses on how to generate a mass quantity of innovative ideas, and select the most fruitful concepts for development. 

Want to know more?

Day 3


Turning Ideas into Action

The third phase of creativity, which focuses on how to transform intangible ideas into full-fledged solutions with an action plan to drive them forward. 


Selling Ideas Internally

Proving ideas, getting buy-in company wide and strategies for empowering others to bring their ideas to life.

Your choice between:
Fundamentals of Facilitation 
Leading a team through a focused collaborative workshop leveraging the skills of creative problem solving.


of people who’ve taken part in ThinkShop would recommend it to others.

What Clients Say

“ThinkShop showed us how to pull out different ideas and gain new perspectives.”

Lindsay Gray

Director Brand & Product Marketing 


Want to learn more about ThinkShop and how it can set you and your team  up for success?

Meet Your Facilitator

Shari Walczak

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at The Garden 

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Shari is one of Canada’s top brand strategy experts with 20+ years of experience consulting for organizations like SodaStream, Interac, Samsung, Audi, Kraft and Alida. With a MS degree in Creativity and Change Leadership from the Center for Applied Imagination at Buffalo State University and an HBA Degree from the Ivey School of Business at Western, she has built a reputation as both a change agent and expert facilitator.

In addition, Shari contributed to the top-selling business book The Collective Wisdom of High Performing Women, is frequently in demand as a guest speaker, and is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence for the Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship.

Shari Walczak-facilitator (1).jpg

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