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Tactical Tricks to Find Your Creative Energy (Podcast)

One of the latest Creative Confidence Podcast interviews featured SYPartners and kyu Collective Founder, Keith Yamashita. This 30-minute episode is chock full of insights on how individuals and teams can inspire their own imagination and creativity to build their careers – something The Garden also does with our very unique facilitated team offsite.

For many of us, we think of creativity as a purely spontaneous act, but Yamashita kicks off the podcast by explaining how he feels we experience it much differently. Instead, he looks at creativity as the experience of “slow[ing] down the world to look for inspiration, something new [or] something you haven’t seen before.” Step one to boosting your creativity? He believes it’s about “bringing attention to the path you travel every day”.

Have a listen for yourself to learn more about “creative duos” and their advantages, as well as how to ask “beautiful questions”, amongst other tactical tips.

If you want to boost the creative energy on your own team, while also solving a challenge your organization is currently facing, check out our new facilitated team offsite called ThinkShop and learn more about how The Garden has formulated a training program to inspire the imagination and creativity of teams across any industry.


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