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Soft Skills Needed for the Future of Work: What You Need to Know

Randstad is a Dutch multinational human resource consulting firm that recently released a report on the skills people need to prepare for the new future of work. After having several conversations with an array of marketing and business leaders, we agree with Randstad that soft skills are more important than ever, especially amidst all of the workplace learning gained during the pandemic shakeup. In a time where people are still defining what workspace and work life “normal” looks like, businesses that want to attract and retain top talent must prioritize the development of soft skills in their organization.

Out of the 10 skills listed within the report, three stood out to The Garden and are strongly integrated into our new development program for professionals:

1. Collaboration & Communication

Communication is one of the most important soft skills. Not only does it encompass being able to work well with others and clearly articulate ideas, it is also inclusive of being open-minded to new ideas and really listening to those around you.

Challenge question:

When you last hosted or participated in a team brainstorming session, what did and didn’t make it impactful?

2. Resilience & Adaptability

Resilience is your ability to bounce back from failures, problems, or mistakes, while aptability is your ability to adjust to different workflows, environments, and people – a muscle that’s been flexed frequently by everyone over the last 3 years.

Challenge question:

How does your organization currently encourage experimentation and how might you improve this process?

3. Intrapreneurship

The ability to think creatively and independently while driving change and innovation within an organization is a skillset that the best candidates and employees possess. Individuals able to identify new ways to solve problems are key to the success of any business (and proved it over the course of the pandemic), but this trait can be harder to identify outright and even harder to foster internally in organizations structured with hierarchy and red tape.

Challenge question:

What does your organization do to incentivize employees who showcase strong intrapreneurial drive? For employees that struggle with this, what are 3 ways you could invest in boosting this skillset?

The future of work is ever-changing and uncertain, but one thing remains the same: the soft skills are essential. Soft skills such as problem-solving, communication, collaboration, and flexibility are the interpersonal abilities that characterize high-performing workplaces. Developing the soft skills needed for the future of work in every individual is key to marketplace advantage and the reason behind ThinkShop, a professional development course for teams, that we’ve designed specifically to strengthen and nurture these skills.

guide_skills you need to look for to prepare for the future of work
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