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Your toughest problems, solved.

In just a few days, ThinkShop will crack a real business problem you're facing through teaching your team to untap and upskill their creative thinking.


of people who’ve taken part in ThinkShop would recommend it to others.
“ThinkShop showed us how to pull out different ideas and gain new perspectives.”

Lindsay Gray

Director, Brand & Product Marketing

 “I loved how they engaged the entire management team and leadership team. And they didn't just engage, they really inspired them.”

Patricia Heath

Vice President, Retail Excellence

 “What The Garden taught us and inspired us with continued to have an impact well after our session.”

Erin Rogers

Country Head of Marketing

 “What you'll get with The Garden is the best of the best in the industry ... Within a week we had a final product that we were really excited about.”

Emma Brooks

Head of Marketing


An awe-inspiring

Forget bland conference spaces and boring meeting rooms, ThinkShop is delivered in an immersive environment that feels just as creative and inspiring as the content itself.

Taught by industry-leading talent

Facilitator Shari Walczak is one of Canada’s top brand strategy experts with 20+ years of experience consulting for global organizations.

She holds an MS degree in Creativity and Change Leadership from the Center for Applied Imagination at Buffalo State University and an HBA Degree from the Ivey School of Business at Western.

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A lasting impact
on your team

ThinkShop teaches more than 20 repeatable exercises your team can use to tackle tough challenges every day.

See how ThinkShop can lead
your team to success

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