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Why ThinkShop?

You and your team are faced with challenges to solve every day. Some are simple, and others have no clear formula for success. You need an impactful, creative solution to help your company break through the noise in today’s increasingly competitive landscape.

But, talk to most adults and they’ll describe themselves as ‘not a creative thinker’ or ‘hardly creative at all.’

So, how can a team who self-identifies as ‘hardly creative’ come up with the solutions their company needs to thrive?

We believe that there is no one better to solve your team’s problems than you. 

You’re an expert in your field, and with the right guidance, you can crack your toughest challenges in just 2-3 days. 

Light Bulb

According to Psychology Today, “Creative problem solving sessions with groups generated 350% more ideas than groups without training […and] these ideas were 415% more original.”

In a fresh shift from typical training programs, ThinkShop will be customized to an active challenge that your team is struggling to solve. While teaching you our DIG / CULTIVATE / THRIVE process, we’ll work together to develop numerous ideas and mold them into a few distinct, actionable solutions. 

ThinkShop is so much more than the traditional workshop or certification course you’ve come to expect. Developed by Shari Walczak and Jenn Kittmer with the help of learning and development experts, ThinkShop’s interactive curriculum both teaches and inspires.

Rather than a bland corporate setting, you’ll be immersed in a studio-style space surrounded by immersive video and imagery that’s projected on the towering walls surrounding you.

Screen Shot 2023-10-17 at 2.35.17 PM.png

And, at the conclusion of your ThinkShop training, you’ll be armed with over 20 repeatable tools and exercises, a desktop Reference Guide, and a full set of ThinkShop ideation cards to help you tackle new challenges you face day-to-day. Not to mention, a number of actionable solutions to the problem that you’ve been struggling to solve.

The ThinkShop process can be applied to a variety of different problem contexts you may be facing, whether you’re a marketing team that needs out-of-the-box ideas for a product launch, or a leadership group that wants to explore your top organizational priorities and big bets over the next few years.

See how ThinkShop can lead
your team to success

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